New Design PAN Cards now available!

Newly Designed Pan Cards Effective From January 2017


Distributions of the newly designed cards have been started from January 1 and are being issued to the new applicants. Old cardholders can also apply for the new one.

The government of India is issuing newly designed PAN Cards – Permanent Account Numbers cards to the Indian Citizens. The distributions got effective from 1st January 2017.

According to the information confirmed by the income tax department, the new design of PAN card is loaded with several security features and are being printed by NSDL and UTIITSL (UTI Infrastructure Technology and Services Ltd). There are also few changes that are noticeable on the new PAN card. And, these new cards will be issued to the new applicants; however, new cardholders can apply for it. To know about the changes, features, and design of the new PAN card, you can take a look at the points below:



There are specifically three changes in the new PAN card:

  1. Quick Response (QR) code with the details of the PAN applicant is printed on PAN card for enabling verification of the card.
  1. Legends are incorporated for particulars Name, Father’s Name, and Date of Birth fields.
  1. The position of PAN & signature has been changed.



New Design of PAN Card have some added features like:

  1.    Tamper-proof
  2.    As per senior Income Tax officials, contents of the new PAN Card are both in Hindi and English.
  3.    By following the Government’s Rajbhasha Policy, PAN Cards are made bilingual where the headers are in English and Hindi.


Below is the sample of the new design of PAN Card:

In the new PAN Card, you can witness the 10 digits of PAN number that can be divided into five parts as can be seen below:

The meaning of each number has been explained further.

  1. First three characters are alphabetic series running from AAA to ZZZ
  2. The 4th character of PAN Card represents the status of the PAN holder.

C — Company

P — Person

H — HUF (Hindu Undivided Family)

F — Firm

A — Association of Persons (AOP)

T — AOP (Trust)

B — Body of Individuals (BOI)

L — Local Authority

J — Artificial Juridical Person

G — Government


  1. The fifth character represents a 1st character of the PAN holder’s last name/surname.
  2. Next four characters are sequential number running from 0001 to 9999.
  3. The last character in the PAN Card is an alphabetic check digit.

PAN Card Application | PAN Card Application Form Status

PAN Card Application

There are various documents that a country allows to be used as identity proofs for its citizens. Like every other country out in the world, India also has various identity cards for its citizens like Driving license, Voter ID, Ration card, Birth certificate, etc. The PAN card is one of them which is used as the most important identity proof in India.

The full form of PAN card is Permanent account number which is a unique number made by some distinct combination of alphabets and numbers and it is used by the Income Tax Department of the India Government to identify each individual under a single connection. The PAN card pin is a 10-digit pin which distinguishes the database of the details of an individual from another. The PAN card is required during every financial transaction of sum 50000 or more in Indian currency.

PAN Card Application Form Status

To become an authorized owner of the PAN card, an individual requires to file an application to the Income Tax department of India. An application is required to be made and the form is to be filled carefully and then submitted to get the PAN card. The application form can be found on any site which has the information about the PAN card and its details in the pdf format.

This can be downloaded and filled and then submitted with the attached documents as asked by the officials. The form can be submitted online (Link is Given in the End of the Article) also on the provided link irrespective of the area you reside in, your caste, color, creed, sex, marital status and even the Non Residential Indians can apply for the same and receive a PAN card, if the details filled are correct.

An individual can apply for the PAN card either online or offline depending on his or her ease and comfort. For online application just log on into the official site of PAN card and fill the form. The form is verified and validated for the correct details and then only submitted. The form is accepted only and only if the details are correct and satisfying else a prompt comes up asking to check the details. After submitting the form, the individual is asked for the option of payment. After making the payment successfully, an invoice is to be collected and sent along with the required documents to the UTIITSL office in the city which is nearest to the person.

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The PAN card details when filled up in the form and the form is sent to the respective offices or uploaded on the site, an acknowledgement number is generated. This acknowledgement number is used to track the status of the PAN card. The applicant can log in to the provided links and check how far has their PAN card procedure went.

Each time a suitable message is shown to the applicant depending on its stage of the procedure. In case of successful procedure, a dispatch of the PAN card is made and the person is redirected to another link. If the procedure is still going on than a prompt can be seen on the same page.

The PAN card is an important document for every individual in the country and so everyone must possess it. Once you fill the Form you can know your Application Status from the Given Below Link for finding the PAN Card Status. 

Click Here to Download Online Form for PAN Card Application

Click here to Know your PAN Card Application Status

UTI Pan Card Status | UTIITSL PAN Card Status Online

Find UTI PAN Card Status with Application or Coupon Number


The UTI PAN Card Status is a very important document which serves as an Identity proof for the Indian citizens. PAN (Personal Account Number) is a unique ten character alpha-numeric string which distinguishes each citizen as an individual of India.

The PAN is unique throughout the country and is unaffected by any change in address of the individual. It is issued and controlled by the Indian Income Tax Department under the supervision of CBDT (Central Board for Direct Taxes). It is just like any simple plastic bank card in appearance but helps in various major issues of identification. There are even other identity proofs like Driving License, Aadhar Card etc but PAN Card is the most appropriate of all. The PAN Card facilitates the Income Tax department by bringing all the PAN Card holders under the same department.

Since this is a very important document everyone needs to apply for this and following it, they have to monitor the status also. The candidate has to apply online for the same. The applicant needs to fill a form 49A online and submit it.

UTI Pan Card Status | UTIITSL PAN Card Status Online

It is verified and validated and then only submitted. In case of any error, the applicant is asked again to check the details and then resubmit it. There appears a confirmation screen displaying all the filled details. The applicant is required to review them and change them if needed or else he is supposed to confirm it. On confirming it, a 15 digit acknowledgement number appears which is later used to track the status of PAN Card. The applicant is expected to note down and print the Acknowledgement number.

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When the applicant has applied for the most significant document, he or she also needs to take care about the status of the UTI PAN Card. For tracking the status of the UTIISL PAN Card, the applicant needs to take care of two aspects.

First one is if the PAN Card is made for the first time, it requires the coupon code or the Acknowledgement number which was provided during filling the application. Second aspect could be when the applicant has just asked for updating few details in the PAN Card.

The PAN Card status could be checked online at the official site of the Income Tax Department by giving the asked details. The site asks the full name and DOB of the applicant along with the Acknowledgement number. If the application is under process, then an alert appears saying that the application is under process and gives the contact number for any queries.

In case, the application has started with the procedure, it may prompt that the application is under the Income Tax Department. And, if the card has been dispatched then, the PAN Card number is shown on the screen along with the details of its dispatch and receiving it. But if someone decides to check the PAN Card status offline then the applicant has to head off towards the PAN Card section of the Income Tax Department at various metropolitan urban areas of Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi, according to the area the applicant resides.

The PAN Card being a very important document needs a special notice of everyone and so does its tracking. Every individual should know the process for tracking the status so that in case of any trouble or if they are caught somewhere, they know how to proceed further. This information will help them in acquiring the PAN Card properly and easily.

How to Get Early Income Tax Refund | Income Tax Refund Status

How to Get Early Income Tax Refund

Paying your income tax is a work which nobody loves, but getting some part of it back as income tax return is a feel good thing. And obviously we want to get it back as soon as possible. Each and every tax payer In the country want his income tax return to be filled on time, processed as soon as possible and getting his/her money back as early as possible.

Usually we don’t know or understand some small tips which if we keep in mind we can easily get our return earliest which getting into any risks or troubles. Normally we have a tendency to be afraid of losing our money or getting into some trouble or making some mistakes while filling our return so we do it in a very normal way and don’t follow those tips which can be very useful to us in many ways. These tips must be followed by everyone, these are very easy to follow, easy to understand and are completely under the laws. Which makes them safe to use and get our income tax return as soon as possible in earliest time.

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Some tips for getting early Income Tax Refund:

  1. Income Tax returns as processed on a first come first serve basis, application which comes early is bound to be processed earlier then applications coming late. So whenever you have to fill the return, never delay that or wait for the deadline to appear or make a tendency to full the forms on the last days. If you fill your application before the peak period its probability of getting processed earlier is increased very much.
  2. Earlier ways of filing an income tax return was going to the income tax office and filling in a hard copy of the form. This process is not used or we can say used very less now days due to the facility of filling the form online. We can fill manual offline form but the problem is that it has to be filled manually then it is to be sent by post to the concerned authorities, this makes it a very time consuming process. And when we fill online we just click the submit button and form reaches to the concerned authorities in their proper format. This method of filling return online also reduces the risk of error which may be due to human typos or other physical problems.
  3. If you are planning to fill the early income tax rebate return you should do your homework beforehand, i.e. you should make all the preparations and other documents ready before starting to fill the return, it is because at last when you fill the form you just have to concentrate on filling the form and not on collecting all the documents. Some important documents like Tax credits and other important things such as TDS forms for salaries and TCS forms must be properly filled and arranged before so as to avoid hassle at the last moment at the time of uploading all the documents and the return.
  4. Other important thing is to digitally sign your documents before uploading them on the internet so as to avoid the possibility of their rejection at the last moment. This thing can be done using the DSC – Digital Signature technology.
  5. Most important thing is the place where your refund should come. I.e. your bank account details. Tax payers should fill the option of money return as their own bank account details as it is the fastest method using electronic money transfer. Please take care while filling you bank account number and never forget to mention you IFSC code as it is compulsory for all electronic transactions.
  6. Some mistakes are bound to happen even if we take care while filling our return, so if this is the case and something goes wrong then change your return of income tab so as to revise all the information once again before submitting the indian income tax return.
  7. And the last thing to keep in  mind is: You are filling this return to save money, so never pay any extra money or ever try to bribe someone for getting your work done faster as this is an online world and no one can actually help you in getting your money back other then yourself.

To Know about Early Income Tax Refund Status Click Here

Pan Card Number | Verify PAN Card

pan card status check pan number

Pan Card being a very crucial document for an Indian citizen is to be kept with a lot of care. There are many documents in India which are used as the identity proof for an individual, like Voter’s ID card, Driving License, Birth Certificate, etc. but the PAN card (pan card details from pan card number) is the most appropriate of all. Now the status is like every child knows about the Pan card. The Pan card is issued by the Government of India and in particular by the Income Tax Department. This helps them to monitor and control the financial issues under one roof. For the identification of a person through his or her Pan card, he or she is provided with a ten character long pin, called the unique identification number or Check Pan Number.

The Pan card is a must have document for all those who are in any form related to some financial transaction which is subjected to some amount of tax levied on it. There is one more category who are required to have a Pan Card, the people who are going to be soon in the field of occupation and then will belong to the first category.

Pan Card Number | Verify PAN Card 

This second category majorly comprises of students, who are going to be graduated and sooner or later are going to enter the world of employment and salary and packages. The Income Tax Department of India provides the Pan Card Verification to individuals belonging to any one of both of these categories. Each individual card holder is provided with a completely distinct and unique combination of alphabets and numerals as the Pan Card number by the Income Tax Department. This Pan Card pin or the unique identification pin acts like a key to the data and report of an individual in the database maintained by the Government of India.

The unique identification pin provided by the Income Tax department provides an identification proof to an individual. This unique pin is a combination of ten alphabets and digits following a pattern and making a unique pin for the identification of each individual. The ten digits and alphabets are arranged in a particular pattern to generate the proper pin which serves as the key to the database of the data of the India citizens, who possess a Pan Card. The Pan card is issued by the Income Tax Department under an Act of Income Tax, Section 139A.

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The pan card number checking has a particular structure to follow. Its first five characters are always letters, next four are numbers and the last one is always a letter again. The first three letters may be any random sequence of alphabets form AAA to ZZZ. Now the fourth letter indicates the type of card holder, like for a firm it is F, for an individual, it is P, for any local authority, it can be L and so on.

There are 10 variations in this category according to the type of the individual or the authority or group. The fifth character of the pin stands for the initial of the Last name or the surname of an individual.

In case of a company, firm, authority or a group it is the initial of their type, like for a company, it is C, for a firm, it will be F, for local authorities, it can be L and so on. And now the last character is an alphabetical check digit. This distinct combination of alphanumeric characters give an individual a unique identity in the country, irrespective of their class, caste, residence, age, sex and occupation.  

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