How to get or Apply for Duplicate PAN Card?

Duplicate PAN Card (डुप्लिकेट पेनकार्ड)

The citizens of a country require a proper identification of themselves so that they can be uniquely identified in the mass. The procedure for a centrally managed identification is often taken care of by the Government of the country. These centralized identities help the government officers to monitor the details of the citizens properly. The identity of a person is not an issue to be just overlooked, instead it is of a great importance to him and also to the Government Authorities.

Following this very method, the Indian Government also has declared many documents as the important Identity Proofs like Driving License, Aadhaar Card, PAN Card. (डुप्लिकेट पेनकार्ड) These ID cards are issued and monitored by the Government of India. The government issues these cards in the interest of the citizens so that they can use them in case, whenever they require an identity proof. Out of all the identity cards made available to the citizens of India, PAN Card is taken as the most important of all.

PAN Card is issued by the Income Tax Department of the country and so this makes it easy for the Government to monitor and regulate all the financial matters under one head.

This system of PAN Card was introduced by the Income Tax Department of the Government of India long back in year 1961. The basic and the most important advantage of the PAN Card is that all of the financial transactions above the monetary amount of 50,000 INR which occur through the bank are secure. Thus this clearly indicates how much importance a PAN Card has for an individual. It can be said that if something happens to a PAN card or if it is used for some illegal or unethical tasks, it is indirectly the card holder who is held responsible for that.

Thus it can be easily understood that the PAN card is a document of high importance and is to be protected with a great care and a lot of precaution. Although everyone takes care of all these things, but still it happens at times that these important documents are lost. The loss of such important documents cannot be taken lightly and so each one should know the complete procedure for recovering these documents.

It becomes really important for the person who has lost the PAN card to receive a new one, i.e. the duplicate card. The reason behind the necessity to have the PAN card is that in the absence of the card, a lot of work can be affected regarding the financial requirements. So for getting a duplicate PAN card, a separate application is to be filed stating the reason for this requirement. This application can be filed either online or offline depending on the comfort of the applicant.

If he or she wants to apply online, they can log on to the official website of UTIITSL and file an application asking for a duplicate PAN card. They may even require to submit some necessary documents which would be asked by the officers in charge. In case of lodging an offline application, the person will have to fill an application form and along with required documents would have to send the application to the nearby office. The Duplicate PAN card is expected to be received by the applicant within a month or so.


How to Apply For Duplicate PAN Card (Step by Step)


The easiest and simple way to get a duplicate PAN Card is by doing it from the Official website of NSDL, Below are the steps on how to get a duplicate PAN Card Easily..


  • Click and Visit the NSDL official website – Click Here.

reprint PAN Card | Duplicate PAN Card


  • Click on the button which says “Reprint of Card”.

reprint PAN Card


  • Click on the Link which says ‘Online Application for Changes and Correction in PAN Data’.

Online Application for Request for New PAN Card Or: And Changes Or Correction in PAN Data (PAN Change Request Form)


  • We will find the details and instructions of how to fill up the form online.

  • Search for the dropdown button which shows different category of company namely : Individual, Company, Partnership Firm, Local Authority and Other Categories. 

Types of Category of Companies in PAN Card


  • Fill the Form provided and submit after typing your Permanent Account Number (PAN Card Number)

  • If you have mentioned Aadhar Card Number in the Application Form, you should submit your Aadhar Card to NSDL e-Gov with Proof.

  • You will be provided with Acknowledgement Number (which could be used for further reference)

  • Print the Receipt for the Acknowledgement.


Contact PAN Card Authorities if you are facing any issues:

For more information
  – Call PAN/TDS Call Centre at 020 – 27218080
  – Fax:   020-27218081
  – e-mail us at:
  – SMS NSDLPAN <space> Acknowledgement No. & send to 57575 to obtain application status.
  – Write to: INCOME TAX PAN SERVICES UNIT (Managed by NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited), 5th floor, Mantri Sterling, Plot No. 341, Survey No. 997/8, Model Colony, Near Deep Bungalow Chowk, Pune – 411016


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