Forms for PAN Card | All Application Forms for PAN Card

PAN Card is one of the important documents for various uses in India, To Allot or Issue New Pan Card there are various types of forms available, you can download those forms from the below given link which will ease your work to find the forms online.

Here are All the Mostly required forms for Issuing the PAN Card and For Requesting a New PAN Card, For Correction in PAN Card and All other Certificates. Check Below all the Links and Download the Appropriate Form that could Be Required by You for your Needs.

For Allotment of a PAN Card –

Download this form 49A – >

Click Here to Download Form-49A for PAN Card


For Issuing a New PAN Card or To make corrections in PAN Card –

Download this form -> 

Click Here to Download 49Acr


For Issuing PAN CARD to NON Indians (49AA)

Click Here to Download – Form 49AA


PAN CARD Correction Form (Reprint Application)

PAN Correction Form


PAN Bank Certificate:

Certificate of id by bank form


PAN Employers Certification:



PAN Affidavit for Date of Birth:

Download PAN Affidavit for Date Of Birth


PAN Affidavit for HUF:



PAN Certificate by MP, MLA, MC & Gazetted Officer:

Download Certificate by MP, MLA, MC & Gazetted Officer


Of all the documents, Indian Government has issued for the identification of an Indian citizen, the Pan card is undoubtedly the highest in priority and reliability. The other documents like voter’s id card, ration card, driving license, birth certificate etc. also serve the purpose of proving one’s identity, but the Pan card is the most efficient of all. The reason behind the highest rank of the Pan card in all the documents is that it has been issued by the Income Tax Department of the country.

This gives the Pan Card and extra degree of appropriateness. The Income Tax Department issues the Pan card to monitor and keep an eye over the individuals who file tax returns and also to check who the evaders are. The Pan card provides a 10 character long pin called unique identification pin or the permanent account number (PAN). This pin is used to uniquely identify an individual amongst the mass and his details from a database of all the card holders.

The Pan card also has a lot of importance in the financial transactions which incorporate a monetary amount of 50000 INR or more. The Pan card was introduced by the Indian government so as to reduce the number of tax evaders, those individuals or groups who try to escape from paying the taxes and cause a harm to the National Income. The Pan number provided to everyone is a permanent number which does not change with age, time or places. It is the same irrespective of the place you locate and relocate yourself and it is not at all biased on the basis of sex, class, caste, color. Everyone gets the Pan Card number of the same pattern, following the same guidelines.

The Pan card is the highest official document present in the country. The advantage of having a Pan Card is that it helps the Income Tax Department to keep a check of all the financial transactions made by a card holder. This helps them to reduce the theft of taxes which is intentionally done by individuals or groups at times. Thus in this way one can help in protecting and building the National Income and be an aware and intelligent citizen.

Since now the importance of a Pan card is quite clear, so everyone should possess a Pan card. If they do not have they can follow a simple procedure and get it done. The Pan Card application forms are available online on various websites or the applicant can get it directly from the official website of Income Tax Department, where the form could be found in the Pan Card section.

The PAN Card application form is to be downloaded and the n filled in with all the details correctly. If one cannot find it online, they can ask for 49A form in the Income Tax Departments or other related Government offices in or around their respective cities. This form is to be filled properly and then there are a few documents to be attached along with a signed passport sized photograph. This whole set of documents is then to be sent to the Pan card allotment officers who verify and validate the details provided and then the process goes on.


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