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How to Get Early Income Tax Refund

Paying your income tax is a work which nobody loves, but getting some part of it back as income tax return is a feel good thing. And obviously we want to get it back as soon as possible. Each and every tax payer In the country want his income tax return to be filled on time, processed as soon as possible and getting his/her money back as early as possible.

Usually we don’t know or understand some small tips which if we keep in mind we can easily get our return earliest which getting into any risks or troubles. Normally we have a tendency to be afraid of losing our money or getting into some trouble or making some mistakes while filling our return so we do it in a very normal way and don’t follow those tips which can be very useful to us in many ways. These tips must be followed by everyone, these are very easy to follow, easy to understand and are completely under the laws. Which makes them safe to use and get our income tax return as soon as possible in earliest time.

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Some tips for getting early Income Tax Refund:

  1. Income Tax returns as processed on a first come first serve basis, application which comes early is bound to be processed earlier then applications coming late. So whenever you have to fill the return, never delay that or wait for the deadline to appear or make a tendency to full the forms on the last days. If you fill your application before the peak period its probability of getting processed earlier is increased very much.
  2. Earlier ways of filing an income tax return was going to the income tax office and filling in a hard copy of the form. This process is not used or we can say used very less now days due to the facility of filling the form online. We can fill manual offline form but the problem is that it has to be filled manually then it is to be sent by post to the concerned authorities, this makes it a very time consuming process. And when we fill online we just click the submit button and form reaches to the concerned authorities in their proper format. This method of filling return online also reduces the risk of error which may be due to human typos or other physical problems.
  3. If you are planning to fill the early income tax rebate return you should do your homework beforehand, i.e. you should make all the preparations and other documents ready before starting to fill the return, it is because at last when you fill the form you just have to concentrate on filling the form and not on collecting all the documents. Some important documents like Tax credits and other important things such as TDS forms for salaries and TCS forms must be properly filled and arranged before so as to avoid hassle at the last moment at the time of uploading all the documents and the return.
  4. Other important thing is to digitally sign your documents before uploading them on the internet so as to avoid the possibility of their rejection at the last moment. This thing can be done using the DSC – Digital Signature technology.
  5. Most important thing is the place where your refund should come. I.e. your bank account details. Tax payers should fill the option of money return as their own bank account details as it is the fastest method using electronic money transfer. Please take care while filling you bank account number and never forget to mention you IFSC code as it is compulsory for all electronic transactions.
  6. Some mistakes are bound to happen even if we take care while filling our return, so if this is the case and something goes wrong then change your return of income tab so as to revise all the information once again before submitting the indian income tax return.
  7. And the last thing to keep in  mind is: You are filling this return to save money, so never pay any extra money or ever try to bribe someone for getting your work done faster as this is an online world and no one can actually help you in getting your money back other then yourself.

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