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Pan Card being a very crucial document for an Indian citizen is to be kept with a lot of care. There are many documents in India which are used as the identity proof for an individual, like Voter’s ID card, Driving License, Birth Certificate, etc. but the PAN card (pan card details from pan card number) is the most appropriate of all. Now the status is like every child knows about the Pan card. The Pan card is issued by the Government of India and in particular by the Income Tax Department. This helps them to monitor and control the financial issues under one roof. For the identification of a person through his or her Pan card, he or she is provided with a ten character long pin, called the unique identification number or Check Pan Number.

The Pan card is a must have document for all those who are in any form related to some financial transaction which is subjected to some amount of tax levied on it. There is one more category who are required to have a Pan Card, the people who are going to be soon in the field of occupation and then will belong to the first category.

Pan Card Number | Verify PAN Card 

This second category majorly comprises of students, who are going to be graduated and sooner or later are going to enter the world of employment and salary and packages. The Income Tax Department of India provides the Pan Card Verification to individuals belonging to any one of both of these categories. Each individual card holder is provided with a completely distinct and unique combination of alphabets and numerals as the Pan Card number by the Income Tax Department. This Pan Card pin or the unique identification pin acts like a key to the data and report of an individual in the database maintained by the Government of India.

The unique identification pin provided by the Income Tax department provides an identification proof to an individual. This unique pin is a combination of ten alphabets and digits following a pattern and making a unique pin for the identification of each individual. The ten digits and alphabets are arranged in a particular pattern to generate the proper pin which serves as the key to the database of the data of the India citizens, who possess a Pan Card. The Pan card is issued by the Income Tax Department under an Act of Income Tax, Section 139A.

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The pan card number checking has a particular structure to follow. Its first five characters are always letters, next four are numbers and the last one is always a letter again. The first three letters may be any random sequence of alphabets form AAA to ZZZ. Now the fourth letter indicates the type of card holder, like for a firm it is F, for an individual, it is P, for any local authority, it can be L and so on.

There are 10 variations in this category according to the type of the individual or the authority or group. The fifth character of the pin stands for the initial of the Last name or the surname of an individual.

In case of a company, firm, authority or a group it is the initial of their type, like for a company, it is C, for a firm, it will be F, for local authorities, it can be L and so on. And now the last character is an alphabetical check digit. This distinct combination of alphanumeric characters give an individual a unique identity in the country, irrespective of their class, caste, residence, age, sex and occupation.  

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