Verify PAN Card | Status PAN Card

What is the Difference Between VERIFY PAN / STATUS PAN

Are ‘Verify PAN’ and ‘Status PAN’ the same thing or there is difference between these two terms.

The term ‘Verify PAN’ means verification of PAN Data including Name of Pan Card Holder and PAN Number of Pan Card Holder whereas ‘Status PAN’ means to know about the Status of Pan Application thus, the two terms differ from each other in following manner.

  1. No verification of PAN can be made before the allotment of PAN Number but after the generation of PAN application, Status of the PAN application starts and the applicant can check the status using receipt number.
  2. Once the applicant has received the Pan Card, search of ‘Status PAN’ ends while ‘Verification of PAN’ starts after allotment of PAN Number and it ends never.
  3. To search for the ‘Status of PAN’ it is considered to search it using Receipt / Acknowledgement, Coupon Number of Pan Application while in case of ‘Verification of Pan’ it is made by using Name or Pan Number of Pan card Holder.
  4. For verifying PAN by Date of Birth of pan card holder or by Name of Pan Card Holder, is mandatory while in case of Status pan Date of Birth has no role.
  5. After delivery of Pan card the process of Pan Status ends as no need to track the status now whereas ‘Verification of PAN Data’ is always on and it can be done any time and as many times as needed by using name or number of pan card.

Verify Pan Card Status

Who Can/ Should Verify PAN Status

Pan Card applicant applying for new Pan Card or reprint or for reissuing of Pan Card is issued a 15 digit unique acknowledgement number or receipt. Thus each applicant can verify his/her application online and can trace it.

When the Pan Card Status should be checked by any individual

An applicant can verify status after 5 days from the day of generation of acknowledgment number.

Status track:

For tracking the status of the application form of any applicant an application status form can be filled which consists of application type, applicant’s details including name and date of birth and also the acknowledgment number generated for the PAN card. For this, firstly select the type of application whether it is for new pan card for any correction in PAN card details or for reprint of PAN card, then type 15 digit acknowledgement number and then click on submit button to get the Status update.


Any applicant can verify the PAN Data and Pan Card Details by the PAN Number of relevant person and the pan data can be verified by Name of applicable person. So, pan card can be verified using Pan No. or by using name. The third parties can also verify the PAN data and details of the card holder and can know with whom the person is going to make monetary transactions and the data is open to all.

How to Verify PAN Card By Name


Know PAN Number by Name

Verify PAN card by Name

By using the PAN Verification facility, an applicant can verify the Permanent Account Number (PAN). This facility is referred to as “PAN Verification” or “Know Your PAN”. Using this facility the Pan of individual as well as of firms and companies can be verified.

In case if a person doesn’t have his PAN Number, then also he can verify his Pan Number by just filling his Last Name / Surname and Date of Birth as minimum requirement but for perfect results, one should have more details including his/her father’s name.

In case if multiple results are there for Surname & Date Of Birth in first round, one will have to fill father’s detail in second round but if there are multiple results of only Last Name then verification can’t be made using father’s name.

The user should pay attention that in case of single word name of any individual and in case of  name of companies, Partnership Firm, LLP, HUF, AOP etc., their full name is treated as last name and the date of registration or Creation of companies, Partnership Firm, LLP, HUF, AOP etc. will be treated as its Date Of Birth.

For verifying PAN Number by Name following procedure and requirements are used:

  1. The minimum requirements are:
  • Last Name or the Surname of the applicant who’s PAN is to be verified.
  • Date of Birth of the applicant
  • It is optional to fill the First name and Middle name

If there are Multiple Results then more details are required for better results.

  • In requires full Name including First Name, Middle Name, Last Name or Surname of such.
  • Date of Birth of applicant.
  • Complete Father’s Name with First Name, Middle Name, Last Name and to mention First Name and Last Name is necessary.
  • In case of single word, means only the last name of father, verification can’t be made in case of multiple results in first round.

Submission of form

After providing the details in the form, a verification code appears on the screen which is to be entered and then the request submitted by clicking on “Submit” button. After clicking the PAN verification request will be submitted automatically. If the details provided in the system matches with the database of the Income-tax Department, the PAN number linked with the respective details will be displayed on the screen along with the name and jurisdiction of the PAN card holder. The status of the PAN, i.e., whether it is in active state or not will also be displayed on the screen.

In case when applicant need to verify using Pan Number it can easily be done by filling PAN name in three fields first name, middle name and last name (mandatory). If only one field is provided in name field then only last name/surname is to be filled. In case of an individual fifth digit represent surname of the pan holder. In other case it represents first name of the pan card holder.