UTI Pan Card Status | UTIITSL PAN Card Status Online

Find UTI PAN Card Status with Application or Coupon Number

The UTI PAN Card Status is a very important document which serves as an Identity proof for the Indian citizens. PAN (Personal Account Number) is a unique ten character alpha-numeric string which distinguishes each citizen as an individual of India.

The PAN is unique throughout the country and is unaffected by any change in address of the individual. It is issued and controlled by the Indian Income Tax Department under the supervision of CBDT (Central Board for Direct Taxes). It is just like any simple plastic bank card in appearance but helps in various major issues of identification. There are even other identity proofs like Driving License, Aadhar Card etc but PAN Card is the most appropriate of all. The PAN Card facilitates the Income Tax department by bringing all the PAN Card holders under the same department.

Since this is a very important document everyone needs to apply for this and following it, they have to monitor the status also. The candidate has to apply online for the same. The applicant needs to fill a form 49A online and submit it.

UTI Pan Card Status | UTIITSL PAN Card Status Online

It is verified and validated and then only submitted. In case of any error, the applicant is asked again to check the details and then resubmit it. There appears a confirmation screen displaying all the filled details. The applicant is required to review them and change them if needed or else he is supposed to confirm it. On confirming it, a 15 digit acknowledgement number appears which is later used to track the status of PAN Card. The applicant is expected to note down and print the Acknowledgement number.

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When the applicant has applied for the most significant document, he or she also needs to take care about the status of the UTI PAN Card. For tracking the status of the UTIISL PAN Card, the applicant needs to take care of two aspects.

First one is if the PAN Card is made for the first time, it requires the coupon code or the Acknowledgement number which was provided during filling the application. Second aspect could be when the applicant has just asked for updating few details in the PAN Card.

The PAN Card status could be checked online at the official site of the Income Tax Department by giving the asked details. The site asks the full name and DOB of the applicant along with the Acknowledgement number. If the application is under process, then an alert appears saying that the application is under process and gives the contact number for any queries.

In case, the application has started with the procedure, it may prompt that the application is under the Income Tax Department. And, if the card has been dispatched then, the PAN Card number is shown on the screen along with the details of its dispatch and receiving it. But if someone decides to check the PAN Card status offline then the applicant has to head off towards the PAN Card section of the Income Tax Department at various metropolitan urban areas of Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi, according to the area the applicant resides.

The PAN Card being a very important document needs a special notice of everyone and so does its tracking. Every individual should know the process for tracking the status so that in case of any trouble or if they are caught somewhere, they know how to proceed further. This information will help them in acquiring the PAN Card properly and easily.

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